Plays (in progress)

Rumpel: Is a full-length comedic take on Rumpelstiltskin surrounding Dexter Miller, a professional student and wannabe author living off Mommy and Daddy. Dex’s troubles begin when his girlfriend tells a publishing magnate that he has written a novel. Enter an unlikely ghostwriter to get the job done, but what will it cost Dex to see his dreams fulfilled? (A staged reading was held on November 4, 2018 at The Cat Theatre in Carmel, Indiana). Click here for photos from the staged reading.

Framed: Is a full-length comedy about Charlotte, a budding young thief, who breaks into an old Victorian, the house of her dreams, and is befriended by Minerva, the owner and retired photographer. Twenty years later, after her thieving father had whisked her out of town in search of greener criminal pastures, nomadic Charlotte inherits the “Painted Lady” and must decide whether to live in and care for the house or turn it over to the charitable nuns at Our Lady of Infinite Hope. Complicating matters is the strange appearance of Minerva’s squabbling family and whether they can finally work together to resolve their conundrum by helping Charlotte reach her own decision. (A staged reading took place January 10, 2020 at The Cat Theatre in Carmel, Indiana). Click here for photos from the staged reading.

The Prop Master: Is a full-length drama which takes the audience on a poignant journey of 40 years in the life of Samuel Baldrik, the longtime prop master at an old off-Broadway theatre. After a painful series of losses and heartbreak, Samuel believes that the world is only veiled in darkness and questions his purpose on earth, but will a budding young actress save him?

The Mystery of Bellflower Manor: Is a one-act comedy surrounding Caroline, a newly divorced, middle-aged woman who buys an old fixer-upper and comes to suspect it might be haunted. To find out, her oldest and dearest friend, Frannie, brings in a psychic to “read” the house. The answer is more than Caroline bargained for.

A Teddy Bear Named Norbert: A ten-minute comedy about Elf Grace, who dreams of a cushy office job on Santa’s “A” team, but to advance off the toy assembly line, she must successfully fulfill a Wish Assignment. The HR policy allows for three tries at a promotion and Grace has blown two of them. Will a last-minute assignment on Christmas Eve be Grace’s ticket to her dream job?

Imaginary Friends: A ten-minute romantic comedy about a young man reconnecting with his past as he struggles to decide his future. Will an encounter with his childhood friends set him on the path to happiness?

Three Wishes for Sophie: A one-act heartwarming story about a young homeless girl, who, with the help of a few storybook friends, learns that wishes do come true.

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