Dear Mavis Photos – DivaFest 2019



Mavis (Forba Shepherd) reads old letters to Dear Mavis remembering them with fondness.






Mavis (Forba Shepherd) and Luella (Holly Stults) discuss the new editor of The Rust Belt Herald-Times.






Mavis (Forba Shepherd) guides Miqué (Ashley Elliott), the hip new blogger, to her new desk at The Rust Belt Herald-Times.






Miqué (Ashley Elliott) and Mavis (Forba Shepherd) get to know each other.






Biz (Spencer Elliott) breaks the bad news to Mavis (Forba Shepherd). 






Bernard Underhill II (David Mosedale) gives Biz, his son, (Spencer Elliott) a much-needed scolding after a major screw-up.






Mavis (Forba Shepherd) lays out her solution to the problem with Biz (Spencer Elliott).






Mavis (Forba Shepherd) and Bernard Underhill II (David Mosedale) share a moment.


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