“Rumpled” (working title): From Page to Stage

November 11, 2018

The staged reading of “Rumpled” took place at The Cat Theatre in Carmel, Indiana on November 4. Special thanks to Will Wood and the theatre staff for lending us this beautiful venue for the evening. My heartfelt thanks to the actors, director, and Andy Black for his coordination of the reading. I am most grateful to my husband, Todd, my friends and my fellow writers and playwrights for attending the reading and providing feedback during the “talk-back” session. Everyone helped make the evening a success!

Rumpel…Kyle Kellam
Dexter Miller…Matt Anderson
Portia…Michelle Waffard Mannweiler
Mrs. Miller…Nan Macy
Avery King…David Mosedale
Miss Frickenschmidt (Librarian)…Missy Rump
Directed by: Casey Ross

Portia introduces Dex to Mr. King






Mrs. Miller talks by phone with her son, Dex








Dex and Rumpel have a serious conversation








October 4, 2018

“Rumpled” is scheduled for a staged reading on Sunday, November 4, 2018. I’m in the process of tweaking the script to get it to the director in the next few days. Many thanks to Andy, Stacy and Todd (as well as the playwrights and actors who have heard it read during several playwriting classes) for their invaluable feedback and suggestions. I am excited to see this play come to life on the stage during this reading! Feedback during the talk-back at the end of the reading will help me further refine the script to get it ready for future productions (I hope)!

July 20, 2018

I learned this week that my play and the selected director had not gone through the proper approval channels at IUPUI–and that the program director had already selected a play and director–so Rumpled will not be performed in November. The good news is, I was working to finalize the script to have it ready for submission opportunities anyway, so IUPUI’s decision does not impact what I am doing. Onward and upward!

June 19, 2018

In September 2016, I started drafting Rumpled—a comedic take on Rumpelstiltskin—about Dexter Miller, a professional student and wannabe author living off Mommy and Daddy. Dex’s troubles begin when his girlfriend tells a publishing magnate that Dex has written a novel. The pressure’s on, and Dex’s problems continue to escalate. Enter an unlikely ghostwriter to pull it off in three days.

By January 2017, I had an initial draft and was ready to take it to the next level. I continued developing the script during the 2017 winter and summer sessions of the Indiana Writers Center’s Advanced Playwriting Class taught by Andy Black. I’ve taken several of Andy’s classes, and the feedback I get is invaluable. Another great thing about these workshop sessions is having local actors read the character’s parts (usually about ten pages of script per class) to help the playwrights determine what is, and isn’t, working.

March 2018 rolled around, and I felt I had an acceptable version of Rumpled, so I submitted it to a contest as part of the Fringe Festival in Washington, D.C. Alas, the selection committee declined my script. I was okay with that decision because I knew deep down the play wasn’t quite ready and that the right opportunity would come along eventually (I was tapping into that patience thing big time). I was already communicating with Andy to get a “table reading” for Rumpled on the calendar for early summer, so I focused on other writing projects until that could happen. (A table reading would allow me to hear the script—read by actors—from start to finish and get feedback to help me during final editing).

The stars were lining up, because in early May, from out of the blue, I was approached by the IUPUI Performing Arts Club about having one of my plays produced. I gave them two plays to consider and they chose Rumpled!

The table reading took place on June 17, so the timing could not have worked out better. The feedback I received that evening will help me get the script ready for the student auditions and rehearsals that will begin once classes are back in session in late August.

Many thanks to the actors who participated in the June 17 table reading!Actors-Table Reading

Front row (left to right): Kyle Kellam, David Mosedale, Case Jacobus. Back row (left to right): Bridget Schlebecker, Karaline Feller, Jerry Beasley

The next two months will certainly be busy! In addition to finalizing Rumpled, I am taking the summer playwriting class to work on my next full-length play, The Prop Master. My playwriting journey over the last few years has felt like a roller coaster ride with breathtaking highs and distressing lows. It’s been a heck of a ride…and I wouldn’t change it for the world!


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