Clara the Christmas Tree Angel (Ten-Minute)

Clara the Angel.small.rev


Clara, a tree-topping angel with an attitude, was mercilessly dumped in a Crock-Pot box 15 years ago, but she’s back to reclaim her rightful perch atop the family Christmas tree. Recently-divorced Elise, however, wants to abandon the Yuletide celebration altogether. Can Clara convince Elise that holiday traditions are still worth the effort before the abandoned angel ends up on a thrift store shelf?


  • 2022 Christmas at the Playhouse (Basile Westfield Playhouse), Westfield, IN
  • Cast: Anna Himes (CLARA); Monya Wolf (ELISE); Nicole Amsler (DIRECTOR)
  • 2021 Summer Shortcuts XI (The Open Eye Theater), Margaretville, NY
  • Cast: Patricia Brannen (CLARA); Elizabeth Kemble (ELISE); Erwin Karl (OFF-STAGE VOICE); Marge Helenchild (DIRECTOR)
  • November 9, 2021: On-air reading on WIOX radio out of Roxbury, NY. Produced by The Open Eye Theater.