Rumpel (Full-Length)



A comedic take on Rumpelstiltskin surrounding Dexter Miller, a professional student and wannabe author living off Mommy and Daddy. Dex’s troubles begin when his girlfriend tells Mr. Avery King, a publishing magnate, that he has written a novel. Enter an unlikely ghostwriter to get the job done, but what will it cost Dex to see his dreams fulfilled?


  • Finalist, 2020 Trustus Playwrights’ Festival, Columbia, SC

Staged Reading:

  • November 4, 2018 at The Cat Theatre, Carmel, IN
  • Cast: Kyle Kellam (RUMPEL); Matt Anderson (DEXTER MILLER); Michelle Waffard Mannweiler (PORTIA); Nan Macy (MRS. MILLER); David Mosedale (AVERY KING); Missy Rump (MISS FRICKENSCHMIDT); Casey Ross (DIRECTOR)